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Kris Washam
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Strategic Partnership Specialist

It is my pleasure to assist others in planning a prosperous future. Often, we just dream or set goals that have no legs. Partnering with the right agents, companies and specialists can bring those hopes and dream into reality. Representing multiple dynamic partnerships, Insurance Carriers, Wealth Managers, Income Protection Specialist, Employee Benefit Specialists, as well as other industry partnerships, we bring our best to the table so you can forget the stress!

At the young age of twelve, I was touted as a connector of talent, resources and people by leaders around me. As a small business owner for over thirty-five years, connecting resources, people and players in several industry markets has always been my strength. 

As the “baby boomer” generation retires and ages at staggering rates, mortality rates climb higher and females of this generation are tasked with new found wealth out-living their counterparts, new partnership must be developed to stay ahead of this demand. That is where my specialty comes in by finding strategic partnerships that serve our female demographic that stand to inherit one of the largest transfers of wealth in this country. 

As a small business owner, male of female, you wear many hats in the process of building a firm foundation as your business grows. From many years of personal experience, “I get it”! 
Resources along with a network of specialists will give you an edge in the market because while we put together the team of specialist that suit your needs, you can keep focus on your own specialty!

Let us build you team of specialists!