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Beth Freudenburg
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Focused Financial Advocate for Special Needs Planning & Women's Finances


I am a former corporate trainer who saw a need in my community for financial services that focus on Women’s finances, Special Needs Planning, and the ability to Retire with Security and Safety.

My background lies in functional responses to design issues, information analysis, corporate management and teaching. Those skills have made it possible to provide insights, explanations and resources to financial decision processes that help people better understand how their money works on a macro-economic scale, and in real-life ways. Within client relationships each family’s needs are a unique combination of fears, hopes, and dreams where strategies can be developed to solve problems, meet needs, and proactively plan for future success. 

As the mother of two young men, one with Special Needs, I am deeply familiar with the complexities of planning in this environment and the importance of careful, intentional coordination between documents, services, and advisors. Balancing social, academic and financial preparations for these individuals is often stressful and time consuming. In this environment, I serve my clients as a resource, an advocate, and a financial advisor.

My practice focuses on, and specializes in Personal Financial Planning for Women, families with Special Needs, Disability Income Protection, and Retirement Income Planning.

In my spare time, I enjoy running – to clear my head; baking – because it’s science; cooking - because it brings my family together; gardening – because dirt is therapeutic; practicing yoga very poorly – because it teaches me new things; and traveling – because I’m always curious.