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Below are some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

  1. How Do You Get Paid?
How Do You Get Paid?

6M Group works with our Advisor/Agent to offer choices for the amount of support they are looking for.


1.       GA:   Acts as a pure GA.  Business is run through the GA contracts and provide only wholesaler support. Advisor/Agent receives 100% of commission.    Commission rates negotiable based on amount of production.


2.      Specialist:   Commission Splits based on the amount of work being done with the Specialist.   This is our standard business model for business that is run through our GA and take less of a split due to receiving override by carrier.    

·         25% - Relationship with client


·         10% - Case Design - Back-room:  Additional work being preformed for contract comparisons and client conference calls.   


·         30% - Presentation/Close: Who presents the findings/presentation and is responsible for getting the customer to nod their head, sign the app, and write the check? 


·         10% - Implementation:  Taking client through application process, coordinating the paramed and doctor’s records, including pre-screening for medical conditions prior to submission.  


·         20% - Service:  Who’s going to physically deliver the case and service it for any future changes?



3.      Consulting/Training & Development:   Ever wanted your own Disability, Life or Medicare Specialist for your office?    We can add value to your book of business without the cost of hiring a full time employee.  Contact our Strategic Partnership Specialist; Kris Walsham directly for more details. 




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